GreenFox is pleased to complement our high-quality windows with a complete selection of interior, exterior, and screen doors in Alberta. We bring the same dedication to quality products and expert service to every one of our door installations as we do to all our window work. With quality brand name products from Cobra, NovaTech, Vinylbilt, and AluminArt, GreenFox has an array of doors to choose from. Our customizable features include a wide selection of designs, colours, glass types, and much more for all door types.

This means we can match your specific needs, and, in addition to all industry-standard manufacturer’s warranties, GreenFox is proud to provide our signature industry-leading warranty on labour and installation services. All of your doors are an important part of your home. Trust them to the experienced team at GreenFox Windows and Doors in Alberta.


How much do new doors cost?

New door installation can vary greatly depending on the kind of door you purchase, the extent of the installation (such as damage from the old door that needs to be repaired, and the area in which you live. However, purchasing and installing an energy-efficient door can save you money in the long run by decreasing expensive utility bills throughout Alberta’s long winters.

What are the right doors for an Alberta home?

We appreciate that Alberta’s climate and weather can be harsh and cold throughout much of the year. When selecting a new entry door, patio door, storm door, or installing french doors, energy efficiency and proper insulation is imperative to save on costly utility bills and keep your home a comfortable temperature.

GreenFox offers many energy-efficient door options such as triple-pane glass on patio and entry doors. Please contact GreenFox to determine the best energy-efficient options for your home.

What are the benefits of installing a new door?

Not only can a new door add elegance and aesthetics to your home, but energy efficiency and insulating technology, as well as security features, have progressed considerably. Installing a new door on your home, with the proper customization and insulating options, will save you money over time and keep you home comfortable, safe, and impressive.

Which is the right door for my home?

The right GreenFox door for you and your home depends on many factors, such as if you require a patio, entry, or storm door, what materials you wish to include, which design customization, dimensions, and energy-efficient options you include, and your budget for new door purchase and installation.

We include online brochures for our patio, entry, storm, and french doors but if you require more information or have any questions, GreenFox is here to help you determine the perfect door solutions for you home.

What are the customization options for GreenFox products?

For each of the types of doors we offer, there are many customizable options and configurations to choose from. From glass type, grill size and colour, caming colour, grain type, energy-efficient glass options, and much much more, the GreenFox door stock is guaranteed to have what you are looking for. (Para)

See our online brochures for more information on the catalogue of doors GreenFox offers.

What warranty does GreenFox offer?

GreenFox not only offers the best windows, doors and installation on the market but we provide the warranties to back them up. Our steel insulated doors and fibreglass doors come with a ten-year warranty from the date of manufacture against any defects under normal conditions.