Beautiful Bay Windows in Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta

Bay windows make a beautiful addition to your home by letting in natural sunlight during the day, and creating the illusion of a wider, open living space. Our Edmonton bay windows are a great option for those who are looking to open and brighten up their home.

Bay windows are three windows arranged in a fashion to project outward from the room to form a small alcove. This pattern of windows can be created from a variety of window types to produce the desired effect and functionality you are looking for. At GreenFox Windows, we offer a wide variety of bay windows to choose from, so you are sure to find one that matches the look and feel of your home.

Amazing Features & Window Functionality:

  • Wide variety of window combinations
  • Exterior brickmould options
  • Choice of interior wood finishes
  • Insulated head and seat options
Unlimited custom colour options available
Our windows are proudly manufactured in Canada

Bay Window Styles

Box Bay

The protrusion out of your home is shaped like a box


Protrusion is less prominent and more rounded. Also features more windows than a typical bay window set

Circle Bay

The protrusion shaped into a semi-circle with several window panes

A Window Into Your Landscaping

Performance Like No Other

As bay windows protrude out of your home in an alcove-like fashion, a completed installation often elevates your outdoor landscaping with a classical feel. Much like bay windows, bow windows are also a great option for homeowners looking for similar benefits at a less protruding and curved angle. Regardless, both window styles are a great stylistic choice for homeowners wanting to dramatically transform their homes one feature at a time. Both bay and bow windows can be installed with a deep sill that can be used as a window seat, reading cove, bookshelf, or general storage area!

At GreenFox Windows & Doors, we know how important it is that your windows provide more than just an aesthetic function. Our high-performance, Canadian-made window products also mean you can enjoy a premium indoor experience with amazing durability even during Alberta’s extreme weather conditions, while also benefitting from energy efficiency, heat retention, and outdoor noise reduction.

If you are desperately looking for a way to open up your living area, consider the installation of bay windows! The outward construction alone is enough to give you the spacious feeling you’re looking for! With many configurations and style options available, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your Edmonton or Calgary home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of window glass options do you offer?

Depending on the model and style of your desired bay window, we offer the following glass options:

• Pinhead

• Glue chip

• Sycamore

• Silver

• Bronze

• Grey

For more information about what glass options are available to you or to begin your bay window shopping journey, contact a GreenFox location nearest you!

Is there a difference between bow and bay windows?

The biggest feature that sets bow and bay windows apart is configuration. Bow windows are typically arc-shaped window structures that consist of 4 or more windows. They are also more common as their arc-shaped structure allows more natural sunlight into your home. 

• Bay windows are great for homeowners wanting to:

• Increase square footage

• Increase home value

• Add ventilation

• Have additional nook or storage spaces

• Make the inside of their homes appear larger

Will the installation of energy-efficient bay windows make my home feel more comfortable?

Yes! If your windows are over twenty years old, you will most likely see a significant improvement in your bills and overall indoor experience after the installation of new energy-efficient windows.

Are bay windows more expensive compared to other window styles?

The total price of a bay window installation takes into account the following factors:

• Material

• Window size

• Number of panels to be installed

• Whether the window will be single, double, or triple-paned

• Floor space of the property

To receive a more accurate and detailed quote, get in touch with one of our window specialists! We also have an always-changing clearance stock available for homeowners wanting to stay on budget with their home renovations!