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GreenFox offers a complete collection of exterior doors in Edmonton, Alberta. We take the same approach to exterior doors as our industry-renowned window services: we ensure the same attention to detail and great quality. We carry all of the most desirable products, including entry, patio, storm, exterior, and french doors. Our products are supplied by the top brands in the industry, like Laflamme, ODL, NovaTech, Vinylbilt, and AluminArt. We have a full and extensive selection of interior, exterior, and screen doors for you to choose from.

Edmonton & Calgary windows
Edmonton & Calgary windows
Edmonton windows
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Edmonton & Calgary windows
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GreenFox Windows are made for the Canadian Climate

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GreenFox Windows Alberta

If there’s one thing Albertans know, it’s extreme weather! Blowing snow, driving rain, gusting winds, bone-shattering cold and blistering heat can happen at any time, and often all in the same day. If you’re living in Alberta, you’re well aware of the abrupt weather changes and extreme winter conditions and you need energy-efficient windows capable of keeping all types of weather outside while you stay cozy inside. Our team at GreenFox realizes the importance of durable, energy-efficient products to withstand all types of weather. Plus, all GreenFox products are made right here in Canada, by people who understand our climate and how quickly the weather can change. No matter the season or the weather it brings, our products ensure that the inside remains comfortable when the outside weather remains unpredictable. GreenFox has been providing professional installations for many years and can proudly say that we are the best at it with premium products and exceptional customer care. We use the most innovative technologies available to ensure your home is outfitted with world-class products at competitive prices. GreenFox is the leading window replacement and installation company and we know nothing modernizes a structure and adds distinct curb appeal like new windows or doors. If you need residential or commercial windows, GreenFox is here to help. Let our team of qualified experts help ensure that your home or business is outfitted with world-class products at prices that you can actually afford! GreenFox offers clients quality products and we have a wide variety of options for our windows customers. We always have what our customers need and we guarantee that we can always help meet your exact requirements. GreenFox can replace broken, inefficient, or out-of-style windows, or doors to help your heating and cooling systems to operate at their best. Albertans have come to trust us and we appreciate repeat business from our satisfied customers who include residential homeowners, contractors, and architects.


When you choose GreenFox, you help keep Alberta Strong! GreenFox is proud to support the Alberta Red Cross and Tree Canada, currently helping replant trees in the Fort McMurray area. We are also part of the Canada-wide Root for Trees program, which means we donate a tree for every project we complete, whether it’s a commercial installation or simply installing a storm door. What makes GreenFox stand out from our competition? Simply put; we care. We take community-mindedness to the next level. When Fort McMurray was ravished by fire, we signed up to help replant what was lost in the precious boreal forest. We are proud to support #AlbertaStrong across the province. We are Alberta’s windows experts who don’t just say we care about causes, we prove it with action.

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We are proud to stock all types of residential and commercial doors and windows, including storm and patio doors, casement, bay and awning windows – all in a variety of colours and styles. GreenFox windows and doors are thermally efficient, to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, without the added stress of high utility bills. We guarantee the installation and replacement of all our windows. We also offer a lifetime product warranty and a 25-year workmanship warranty.

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Frequently Asked questions

How much do new windows and installation services cost in Alberta?

The final cost of a new window installation will largely be determined by the type of window you purchase and the corresponding installation required. In addition to these variables, Alberta’s climate, weather, and location will also affect the final cost of new windows. To mitigate these extraneous charges, investing in energy-efficient windows can decrease the overall cost significantly over time as well as save you money on utility bills. Free estimates are available on the GreenFox website to plan your next window installation.

What precautions is GreenFox taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

In order to provide a comfortable, clean, and safe environment, GreenFox windows has committed to following protocols suggested by the World Health Organization. Although our offices and window gallery still remains open, we are operating with reduced personnel and practicing strict physical distancing with customers. We have also instigated new cleaning procedures and, during home window installation, we follow detailed precautions to keep our customers safe. Feel free to call or email anytime and we can provide you with additional information and recommend the best course of action for our window service.

What's the difference between double-pane and triple-pane windows?

Generally speaking, triple-pane windows provide a reduction in noise and improved insulation by utilizing three sheets of glass instead of two. The space between the additional sheets is filled with Argon gas to provide enhanced glass thermal performance. Although triple-pane windows provide your home with additional benefits and energy savings, they are usually more expensive than their double-pane window counterparts. However, the immediate benefits, such as a home that is quieter and warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer, outweigh the initial window investment. Speak with one of our window installation experts via phone or email and they can help you decide which window style works best for you.

Why should I choose GreenFox for my next window replacement?

GreenFox Windows has the experience, knowledge and outstanding customer service that will make your next window installation project enjoyable and easy. As recipients of the best of Homestars award for the past five years, GreenFox Windows is known for their world-class window products, innovative window technologies, and personable, professional window installation service. Furthermore, we offer a lifetime warranty on vinyl frame and sash window components, sealed glass unit against seal failure, and all window hardware, all of which are easily transferable to the next property owner under the same terms.

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