Low profile fixed windows, also known a “picture windows,” are designed with natural sunlight in mind. Without an operational sash, the sash size of the window is dramatically diminished compared to high profile windows. This maximizes the glass surface area, allowing for ample natural light to flow through and creating a picturesque view from the room.

Design Features & Configurations

  • LoE180, LoE277, or LoE366 Cardinal Glass with Simply Clean and White Super Spacer
  • 3 ¼” fusion welded window frame and window sash
  • 1 3/8″ optional Triple Pane Glass for our Premium Line improves energy efficiency and reduces noise. Optimal two 1/2″ air spaces for argon gas fill
  • Low E + Argon Gas for enhanced glass thermal performance and UV protection
  • Double Neoprene bulb seal provides an airtight window seal
  • Nylon bristle weather stripping on the window sash
  • Heavy-duty multipoint Truth Hardware TM
  • Casement Window can be made with either a right or left hinge
  • Full internal window screen, spring-loaded for ease of operation.
    Available in grey or black
  • Interior vinyl window frame with oak or cherry finish also available
  • Optional windows with ETI for our Premium Line (engineering thermal insulation) insulated vinyl frame
Unlimited custom colour options available
Our windows are proudly manufactured in Canada

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