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Our casement windows are beautifully designed to provide an unobstructed view of your yard and improved airflow into your home. For homeowners and property managers living in the Edmonton or Calgary regions, casement windows are a great choice of exterior hardware as these windows allow for better ventilation. They also look great during the spring and summer times!

Choose from our wide selection of fixed or operational vinyl casement window units and start enjoying the outdoor air in the comfort of your room. At GreenFox Windows & Doors, we have windows that swing outwards into the fresh outdoor air, options that include handlebar cranks, numerous glass options to choose from, and more!

What is a Casement Window? 

A casement window, or “crank window”, is typically known to be a window that can be operated much like a door, utilizing a crank mechanism. The window glass is attached to the frame and is hinged on one side. Casement windows are among the safest windows in the market because of their ability to create an airtight seal when shut, an array of security configurations to choose from such as multi-point locking mechanisms, and double functionality to act as egress windows in the event of an emergency.

In addition, casement windows are extremely energy-efficient, as the airtight seal created when the window frame presses against the outer frame allows no space for the warm air in your home to escape. As a result, these windows are a great choice for homeowners interested in improving heat retention, increasing insulation in their homes, and reducing costs on their energy bills.

Design Features & Configurations 

When you choose to have your casement window installed by our experts at GreenFox Windows & Doors, you can also enjoy the following specification options and benefits:

  • LoE180, LoE277, or LoE366 Cardinal Glass with Simply Clean and White Super Spacer
  • 3 ¼” fusion welded window frame and window sash
  • 1 3/8″ optional Triple Pane Glass for our Premium Line improves energy efficiency and reduces noise. Optimal two 1/2″ air spaces for argon gas fill
  • Low E + Argon Gas for enhanced glass thermal performance and UV protection
  • Double Neoprene bulb seal provides an airtight window seal
  • Nylon bristle weather stripping on the window sash
  • Heavy-duty multipoint Truth Hardware TM
  • Casement Window can be made with either a right or left hinge
  • Full internal window screen, spring-loaded for ease of operation. Available in grey or black
  • Interior vinyl window frame with oak or cherry finish also available
  • Optional windows with ETI for our Premium Line (engineering thermal insulation) insulated vinyl frame
  • Increased sound reduction between you and the outdoors
  • Increased versatility and functionality

Different Types of Casement Windows

As casement windows can be hinged on one side, there is a wide list of options to choose from when it comes to configurations:

  • Fixed casement windows do not open at all
  • Push-out windows can be manually pushed out using a handle instead of a crank mechanism
  • Mock Sash casement windows give the appearance of a top hung windows without the functionality
  • Side Swing casement windows are the most commonly seen type. The window is hinged to the side of the frame and can open inwards or outwards
  • Camber Casement is much like a side swing casement window except these windows feature and eye-catching curve that instantly gives your home an elegant and classy feel
  • Top Hung casement windows are hinged at the top of the frame and can open inwards or outwards. Due to the design, top-hung casement windows typically open outwards

If you like the look of casement windows but are unsure if they would suit your home, consult with one of our design specialists today! We also keep a well stocked inventory of awning and single tilt slider windows that function just like a casement but fulfill different style or operational desires!

To learn more about casement windows, read our blog post on Everything You Need to Know About Casement Windows or give us a call!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any disadvantages when it comes to installing a casement window?

Unfortunately, casement windows may not be suitable for every home due to the mechanical requirements and certain aspects regarding configuration.

Window cranks, like any hardware, are prone to gradual degradation over time if left without any regular maintenance. In addition, as the window can only be opened or closed by maneuvering the crank at the base of the windowsill, uneven distribution of weight may cause your window sash to warp, crack, sag, or even bow with time.

Casement windows are ideal for homes with central air conditioning. If you have a portable air conditioning unit with a hose attachment or a window-mounted air conditioner, you may find that your home is not cycling cool air as efficiently due to cool air escaping where the exterior-facing portion of your AC unit lays.

Be sure to contact a location near you to receive a quote, more information about casement windows, and if they’re the right fit for your home!

When should I begin to consider replacing my windows?

• You notice airflow despite your window being closed

• Your windows are not opening or closing with the same ease as before

• You are having difficulty locking your window

• There is mold building up around the sealing and openings of your window

• You’ve noticed condensation forming between the panes of the glass 

• Your windows aren’t properly filtering outdoor noise as they once did

• Cracked window frames

If any of the above points apply to you, then we highly recommend replacing your windows as soon as possible so you don’t lose more in terms of increased costs on your energy bills, utility bills, and more.

Do all of your window replacement and installation services come with a warranty?

Yes! In fact, GreenFox Windows and Doors offers a non-prorated lifetime fully transferable warranty on all of our window replacement or installation services. Enjoy warranty protection on:

• Vinyl frame and sash components

• Sealed glass units against seal failure

• Window hardware

For more information about our warranties or to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation with one of our window specialists, be sure to give us a call at 1-800-232-9454.

Should I replace my windows before selling my house?

Unless your windows are terribly old and might pose as a turn-off for potential buyers, we do not recommend replacing your windows before selling your property. Often, the associated costs with new window replacements come at a loss to prospective home-sellers.