casement windows in Edmonton

Colour Options

Our casement windows are a beautifully designed window that provides an unobstructed view and excellent airflow to today’s modern Edmonton homes. Choose from fixed or operational vinyl casement window units that swing open like a door to provide excellent ventilation and are cranked by a handle.

  • LoE180, LoE277, or LoE366 Cardinal Glass with Simply Clean and White Super Spacer.
  • 3 ¼” fusion welded window frame and window sash.
  • 1 3/8″ optional Triple Pane Glass for our Premium Line improves energy efficiency and reduces noise. Optimal two 1/2″ air spaces for argon gas fill.
  • Low E + Argon Gas for enhanced glass thermal performance and UV protection.
  • Double Neoprene bulb seal provides an airtight window seal.
  • Nylon bristle weather stripping on the window sash.
  • Heavy-duty multipoint Truth Hardware TM.
  • Casement Window can be made with either a right or left hinge.
  • Full internal window screen, spring-loaded for ease of operation. Available in grey or black.
  • Interior vinyl window frame with oak or cherry finish also available.
  • Optional windows with ETI for our Premium Line (engineering thermal insulation) insulated vinyl frame.

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