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3 Benefits of French Doors

November 14, 2023

The 17thcentury French Renaissance was a time of incredible cultural and artistic innovations. Among these were advances in architecture and design. From gorgeous sprawling gardens to detailed and luxurious palaces, architecture began to move away from the practical and into the aesthetic.  

During this time, French doors were created to add aesthetic value to architecture. People were enchanted with the idea of merging indoor and outdoor space by installing doors with large windows. It allowed them to enjoy their grand gardens endlessly, even from inside closed doors. 

French doors are still popular to this day. Just like in 17thcentury France, French doors are known for their unique features. 



One of the reasons French doors are so popular in modern design is because they add beautiful natural light to a home or workspace. When used in exterior design, they create an open view of the landscape outside. When used within a home, French doors open up the space within, creating the illusion of a much larger floor plan. As an added bonus, extra daylighting in your home can save you money on your monthly electrical bills and result in a smaller carbon footprint. 


Add Elegance to Your Home

Inside or out, French doors are an elegant addition to your home. French doors can suit any style of home thanks to the open-ended design. From sculpted windows with delicate wrought iron details, to simple and stately designs, a French door is an easy addition that will completely change the feel of a home. Double French doors form a grand entrance to your home or rooms, creating a focal point that draws the eye. 


Endless Options

In the modern day, French doors are as functional as they are beautiful. They’re built with a frame (usually wood, but they may also be made with metal or other materials) with an inset window. The window itself may be paneled or detailed. 

Security is another option for your French doors. Most designs use extremely durable glass to prevent break-ins when used as exterior doors. Glass can also come with UV protection to ensure those big, beautiful French door windows let in the sunlight, but keep out the heat. 


GreenFox Windows & Doors has a range of French doors available to suit your home. With plenty of materials, colours, and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect feature for your front door, patio doors, or bedroom and office doors. Or, if you want to create a French door that is completely unique, we’re able to custom build a door to your specifications. Get in touch to learn more!