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Benefits of Casement Windows

November 14, 2023

As one of the most energy efficient windows on the market, casement windows are a great option for anyone looking for elegant design variations without sacrificing efficiency. So, whether your home needs a makeover or you want something more suitable for your living needs, casement windows might be right for you. 

A casement window opens either outward or inward thanks to hinges along its vertical side. Some of the main features that people love about these windows include: 

·    Multi-point lock

Casement windows have hook-shaped locks that are embedded right into the frame, which gives the window an added layer of security as the locks are almost impossible to break.

·    Unobstructed view of the outdoors

Casement windows feature fewer dividing panes than most other conventional windows. This means a better, broader, and clearer view of your landscape! This aesthetically pleasing window not only offers a touch of décor – it also projects the beauty of the outdoors right into your home. 

·    Opens at 90 degrees for easy cleaning and great ventilation 

Casement windows offer great ventilation because they capture side breeze. This creates a bright, airy environment in any room. Casement windows open with a crank handle, making them easy to open and close. 

At Greenfox Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves in offering quality windows that are made for Canadian weather. All of our windows are made with 100% original Royal Canadian Vinyl and come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today and we can help you decide if casement windows are right for your home!