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8 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

November 14, 2023

1 – Use a lighter colour palette

While darker brown and navy tones may seem warm and cozy, introducing a lighter coloured paint to your walls will brighten up a space. Light colours reflect the sunlight and boost the natural light in the room. Large furniture in lighter shades can also help to brighten a space, while smaller, richer-coloured pieces can accent the look without compromising the light, airy feel of a room.


2 – Add in mirrors and reflective objects

Mirrors add both style and function to any home. Not only are they perfect to check your outfit before you leave the house, but they can make a room appear larger and enhance the natural light. There are many different styles of mirrors to choose from, and they will all help bounce the light around a room. Another option is to buy furniture that uses mirrored accents or glass panels to achieve a similar effect.


3 – Change your door and/or windows

If you have solid doors, consider swapping them for doors with glass panels to increase the natural light entering your home. If you’re concerned with your privacy at home when using a door with glass, using frosted or tinted glass can be a great option. Another option is to use glass for internal doors and dividers, as well as outdoor windows and doors. GreenFox has a variety of door styles, colours and glass types to fit your home. 


There have been many advances in window manufacturing that allow for minimal framework to increase the exposed glass. Bow, bay or greenhouse windows can have the greatest impact and will maximize your light and ventilation. Contact us to find out the best options for your home to increase your natural light indoors!


4 – Trim trees and shrubs outside of doors and windows

Don’t forget the impact that outdoor greenery can have on your lighting indoors! As greenery grows outside, the light inside your home can lessen. Trim any trees and shrubs that are growing around your doors and windows to maximize your indoor light.


5 – Clean windows and doors

While you’re outside trimming the trees and shrubs, it might be a good time to clean the windows and doors! This may seem like common sense, but give your windows and doors a thorough clean to ensure as much light as possible can filter into your home.


6 – Add in a skylight

Skylights can be a unique and effective way to bring light indoors. You can get them in a variety of sizes and designs, and they are often used in places where there is lots of traffic, such as bathrooms and family rooms.


7 – Change out your window treatments

Heavy draperies are out and light, airy window treatments are in. A light, minimalist look allows light in and still ensures your privacy. Blinds are a popular option as you can control the amount of light that enters the house. Closing blinds can afford more privacy and eliminate glare on your tv, while opening them allows the maximum amount of light to enter your home. Contact us today to find out about the many blinds and shades options that we have available to maximize your natural light.


8 – Be mindful of furniture placement

Remove any clutter or furniture that is preventing light from entering through your windows and doors. Plants, bookcases, desks and other furniture placed in front of your windows can add to a dark home. By moving pieces at least a few feet away from areas where light enters a room, you can maximize your natural light in your home.

By maximizing the natural light inside your home, you can both save money on costly energy bills and get a natural mood boost with that extra Vitamin D. Contact us today to learn more about the natural light enhancing windows and doors that we have available for installation!