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4 Exterior Renovations to Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

November 14, 2023

In Alberta, most homeowners spend the majority of their time inside in the winter. It’s a great time to focus on interior renovations like kitchen and bathroom overhauls and putting in new flooring.


But as spring pokes its head out from under the blanket of snow, you might be surprised to come home and find yourself shaking your head at the exterior of your home. Between wear and tear from snow and moisture, to dirt and damage from storms and snowmelt, winter can wreak havoc on the exterior of a home. 

Fall in Love with Your Home All Over Again

Remember the first time you saw your house from the outside? How did it make you feel? If you fell in love with it a long time ago, it’s probably been a few years since you’ve felt the love. 


Coming home to a fresh exterior makes all the difference. Boosting your curb appeal gives you an instant confidence boost, whether you want to host a BBQ and hear the “oohs” and “aahs” from your neighbours, or you’ve been thinking about listing your home and you’re hoping for a quick sale. 


With that in mind as spring approaches, we’ve put together some of the top exterior renovations Edmonton and Calgary homeowners will want to focus on this year. If you plan ahead and seek out all four, you can end up with a home that looks entirely new (and find cost-savings by getting everything done at once).


Four Exterior Renovations for 2020


  1. Refresh Your Siding 


Your siding is like the “skin” of your house. It’s expansive and tough (hopefully). Most of the time, it helps your home look great, but sometimes it takes a beating. When that happens, your home can quickly look neglected, and you also risk structural damages and water seepage in parts of your home. 


The overall appearance and function of your home’s exterior are greatly impacted by siding, which is why we work with one of the best siding contractors in Edmonton. When clients want a complete makeover, we bring the Blue Jay Exterior Renovations team early in the consultation process. This allows us to perfectly match your window and siding options. It gives you the option to do a simple refresh or completely reinvent the style of your home. Plus, we trust Blue Jay Exterior Renovations to provide the same quality of work and service our team offers to clients. Here's a photo of one of their recent projects:

new blue siding on home


Although general wear and tear on siding is usually the reason for siding replacements, major weather events can make it a necessity. Residents of Spruce Grove (just outside Edmonton, AB) had a sudden appreciation for their siding after a massive hailstorm rolled into town in 2019, leaving golf ball sized holes in siding. If you or someone you know is still waiting on siding repairs, keep in mind that most insurance companies allow you a specific period of time (2 years is standard) to have the work completed by a qualified siding company in Edmonton. 


  1. Make Your Windows & Doors Shine 


Next to your siding, your windows take up the greatest chunk of real estate on the front of your home. That means a large percentage of curb appeal comes from your windows alone. 


Windows that are aged or broken can make a home look unkempt. Meanwhile, small or unevenly painted window frames can easily make a home look older and less airy and bright (inside and out).


Here's an example from one of our window replacements. You can see the difference a new window frame makes, whether you’re keeping the same size and style, or completely modernizing your home with custom windows in contemporary styles. 



Having a great selection of modern window styles is important when you’re renovating. Whether you want new bay windows to open up your living room, double-hung windows for better performance, or casement windows that can increase energy efficiency, your chosen window company should be able to completely customize the style and size to your home.

  1. Have Your Roof Repaired


A patchy or worn-out roof isn’t just an eye-sore; it’s dangerous. When moisture is able to seep into your home for an extended period of time, you risk structural damages and mold and mildew. 


Most roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years, so if you’re approaching that date, it’s a good idea to start looking into roofing materials and prices now. Options like metal roofing are a larger investment but can last decades longer than traditional roofing, making it a great investment for homeowners who aren’t planning on selling anytime soon. 

  1. Refresh Your Wood Deck or Patio


It’s not a fun task, but restaining or repainting your deck or patio can give your home a major facelift. In some cases, all your deck needs is a good powerwash and a protective coat or two of stain. Not only will this help your wood deck last longer; it could also entice you to spend more time outdoors on that beautiful patio furniture that rarely gets used. 


As a bonus, choosing a stunning new patio door or front door will help draw the eye into your fresh outdoor space. Many homeowners like to choose a strong metal door in an eye-catching colour for their front door. Meanwhile, sliding doors or French doors are a popular choice for patios and gardens. 


Need Help Designing Your New Exterior? 


GreenFox Windows & Doors is always excited when we’re brought in to refresh the exterior of a home. We know how powerful fresh windows and doors can be in the renovation process, and that’s why many of our clients choose to start their exterior renovation projects with us. As an added bonus, they know that we work with a variety of renovation experts in Edmonton and Calgary so that the process is easier and more coordinated from the start. 


If you’d like to explore your options for windows and doors, siding, and more, get in touch with our reps and book a free consultation. It’s never too early to start planning your renovation project!