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Do You Need a Storm Door for Your Home?

November 14, 2023
GreenFox exterior door installers

Installing a storm door can help protect your front door from the harsh Alberta elements. Constant improvements in manufacturing technology and design mean that the benefits of storm doors are only growing and becoming more popular.


The questions most people have before buying are, “What is a storm door, do I need one, and how do I get the right one for my home?” Before installing a storm door, learn more about your options and the benefits and costs.

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is a secondary outer door used to protect your front or back door from the bad weather. It also allows for ventilation in the warmer months of the year. Storm doors often come with the option to replace the glass with a screen in the summer, and switch back to the glass when preparing for winter. The insulation of the storm door also increases your energy efficiency by ensuring the building envelope of your home is fully closed, meaning there are no gaps for air to escape through. There are usually three different layers - the front and back, and the middle layer creating the insulation.


Should You Have a Storm Door Installed?

Storm doors aren’t necessary for every home, but for some, they’re extremely beneficial. Let’s walk through some of the questions homeowners typically ask our customer service specialists during a consultation:

What Makes Storm Doors Energy Efficient?

Storm doors are a fantastic way to improve the energy efficiency in your home, but why? It’s thanks to something called the building envelope, which is the separation of the unconditioned outside world from your conditioned home. 


You don’t want any gaps in the envelope, as that would expose your house to the unconditioned exterior. Gaps can range from leaving a door open to having old or poorly insulated doors. Storm doors can prevent these gaps from occurring by providing an extra layer of protection and insulation from the weather. 


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What Are The Pros and Cons of Owning a Storm Door?

Installing a storm door comes with many benefits aside from energy efficiency. Here are a few reasons you might want to install a storm door:


Protection for Your Entry Door

A storm door acts as an extra barrier for your front or back door. In the case of bad weather like rain, hail, or even just bad wind, a storm door will protect your door from being damaged. This will keep your door in pristine shape, as well as saving you money on repair costs.


If you’re planning on purchasing a brand-new front door, your door company will likely recommend a storm door to protect your investment. 

Letting in More Light

If your front door is solid, then you’re not getting any natural light from it. With a storm door, you can enjoy nature from inside your home, and leave your front door open without any consequences. Your building envelope will stay safely closed, and you’ll be able to brighten up your home.


Preventing Harmful Materials From Entering Your Home

Another benefit of a storm door is that it keeps out unwanted material like bugs and dust. The extra layer of protection ensures that what’s outside stays outside, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up an extra mess.


On the other hand, owning your own storm door also has some negative aspects:

It Can Be Inconvenient

Sometimes, having a storm door will feel like just having one extra door to open. When your hands are full of groceries, or it’s pouring rain and you don’t want to get wet, having to open two doors instead of one can end up being more of an inconvenience than a benefit.

It Can Cause a Buildup of Heat

Having a storm door can actually cause a buildup of heat between your two doors, resulting in the front door being damaged. This problem can actually be made worse by the colour of the paint - darker colours will absorb the sun’s rays and only make it hotter. 


To solve this issue, you can have vents installed in the storm door to let the heat out, and if you buy glass that can be replaced with a screen, you’ll be able to prevent it from happening in the hot summer months.


It’s also important to be aware of the warranty on your storm door, so be sure to clarify with your installers what the warranty entails.


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What Are The Best Storm Door Materials?

Storm doors come with many customizable options, and the material is no exception. Storm doors are usually made from wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Wood is potentially the most attractive material to use, but it doesn’t defend well against the weather and needs some form of coating for extra protection. The thicker the wood is, the more durable the door becomes. 


Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, but it can become brittle. Vinyl doors are the strongest and most corrosion-resistant doors, but might not last as long. Another benefit to this material is that vinyl doors don’t rust, plus any scratches hardly show.


Overall, each material is a good option for its own reasons. Depending on your budget and what you’re expecting out of a storm door, any of these three materials may be the right fit for your home. Check with your door rep before making a choice.

What Are the Best Storm Door Styles?

Another customizable part of a storm door is the style of the glass and screen. There are three main styles for storm doors: full view, ventilating, and rollscreen. A full view door has a full-length glass panel, and if you want to switch it out for a screen you’ll have to do so manually. A ventilating storm door has both glass panels and screen panels. The glass panels will move up or down in order to expose the screen, so you won’t have to deal with the extra work or storage. 


A rollscreen is a relatively new style of storm door and is a combination of the full view and ventilating styles. A screen is connected to the top glass pane of the door and is able to roll up onto a dowel. This allows you to switch between a full view door when the screen is up, and a ventilating door when it’s down.

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Storm doors are a useful and attractive addition to your home. If you’re considering purchasing a storm door and want to learn more or discover your options, contact us today to book a consultation. We can help you choose, order, and install an ideal storm door for your home.