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A Beautiful Indoor Garden – Greenhouse Windows

November 14, 2023

A greenhouse window is a multi-sided window that extends outwards from your home, allowing you to create a beautiful miniature greenhouse indoors. This can be the perfect location to keep high-maintenance plants that require a lot of sun, grow your own herb garden indoors or start your seedlings early (we all know how inclement the weather can be in Alberta). 


Ideally greenhouse windows are installed in areas that get a lot of sun. Since they extend outwards, they capture sunlight and add dimension and beauty to any room. The reinforced aluminum hinged roof allows for the convenience of letting fresh air into your house and they often come with the option of adding a shelf in to maximize your space. As with many of our window options, you can tailor the look of a greenhouse window to create your own personalized look. There are a variety of glass and colour options available to customize the look of your interior and exterior of your home.


Here are a few things to think about while you are shopping for your new greenhouse window:

- How do you see yourself using your window? Will you be using it to create an indoor herb garden to use while cooking? How many seedlings or plants would you like to be able to accommodate in your greenhouse window? There are lots of great resources online to help you decide how you want to arrange and decorate your greenhouse window.

      - Do you have sufficient outdoor space to accommodate a greenhouse window? Sometimes trees or plants may need to be trimmed or pruned away from the home to allow enough sunlight to reach the greenhouse window.

      - Will your window face east or west? Before installing your window, ensure that your garden will get enough light to grow and thrive in its location. Depending on what you are hoping to have in your window, you may need a certain number of hours of exposure to sunlight each day.

      - What features and design do you want for your greenhouse window? While shopping, it is good to think about the colours, type of glass, shelving, etc. that you want to have for your window. 


Installing a greenhouse window is a great way to extend your plants growing season and bring your love of gardening indoors. Contact us for a quote on your own greenhouse window and start planning the indoor greenhouse of your dreams!