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All You Need to Know About Storm Doors

November 14, 2023

A storm door is an outer, secondary door that acts as a barrier against bad weather. Maybe you already have a storm door. Or maybe you've never even heard of it before. This blog post will help you know a few things about storm doors.

Composition of a Storm Door

Storm doors are generally made of three layers - a front and back layer making up the exterior skin, and an interior layer of insulation. The door consists of interchangeable or retractable glass panels fitted inside a door frame. Door frames, themselves, are available in several materials.

Variety of Materials and Customization

Storm doors are available in three major options: aluminum, vinyl, and premium wood with a full-pane or half-pane glass. Not only can you choose from a large variety, but you can customize your storm door too. You can customize the glass and its type, size, and color of the frame and caming. The glass panels can be removed so you can adjust the style of the door according to the season or your preference. Today, it is easy to find a storm door that will complement your home, and we have a variety of storm door styles and materials you can choose from.

Purpose of Storm Doors

A storm door serves several purposes. Along with adding insulation and security to your house, it acts as a protection for the house as well as the main door against bad weather conditions like storms, winds, rain, snow, and heat. During clear weather, this door provides sunlight and ventilation through the screen panels, while keeping the dust and pests outside. If you have kids or pets in your family, you can let them enjoy the view of your front yard without letting them out.

Energy Efficient Storm Doors

Due to their three-layer composition, the storm doors create an airlock between the main door and the outside of your house. Storm door, thus, insulates your house and efficiently manages the temperature inside your house.

Save Money with Storm Doors

As mentioned above, a storm door insulates your house and also protects the main door from harsh weather effects, scratches, and other physical damages. This means, a storm door lowers the replacement and repair costs of your main door and thus saves you a lot of money.

Confused about whether you need a storm door for your house or not? We’d say you need a storm door, especially if your main door is exposed to the weather and the elements of nature. If the confusion still persists in your mind, give us a call. Our Edmonton door experts will help you with all your queries, right from installing a storm door to picking the best door material.