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Choosing The Best Storm Door

November 14, 2023

A storm door not only protects your house from bad weather but also provides ventilation and privacy. Hence, it is important to choose the best storm door and not just any door that will hardly serve the purpose. Below are some points to consider while selecting the best storm door for your house.

Storm Door Style

Storm doors are typically available in two styles - full-view and ventilating. In a full-view door you can only have a glass pane or a ventilating screen at a time, whereas in a ventilating door, you get the advantage of both at the same time. In the case of a full-view door, you have to change the glass pane or the screen to serve a particular purpose. In the ventilation type door, there are 2 panels of glass where one or both move up and down revealing the screen portion and allowing for ventilation.

Door Material

The door glass finishes are also known as caming or the door frame material. Some of the common door material types are wood, vinyl-clad wood, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, etc. Wooden door material looks elegant but has a set of cons too. It can warp, crack, decay and split over the years. Vinyl, composite, and fiberglass materials can provide the aesthetics of wooden door but require low maintenance and they also survive longer.

Glass Types

Whether you choose an interchangeable storm door or a fixed glass storm door, you will still have a variety of glass styles to choose from. You can go for a clear glass or a tinted one. There are washed glass types in the market too. If you want to be creative and want your house to look beautiful, you can go for the painted glass option which has patterns and designs on them. No matter which glass you choose, always look for energy efficient variants that have proper Energy Star ratings and higher low-E value.

Closer or Door Stop

Most storm doors come with either a closer or a door stop. Both devices control how far your door will open. A door stop uses a chain attached to a spring to control the door movement. A closer prevents a door from opening too fast or too far. It has a sliding door washer that can hold the door open.

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