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Selecting The Best Patio Door For Your Home

November 14, 2023
GreenFox Windows

Patio doors are typically on the backside of a home or to a side that is least exposed to the main street. This means that along with providing light and air into the house, these doors also add an extra security to your house. So why not select the best patio door for your house which complements the aesthetics of your house? With so many door styles, textures, colors, and materials, choosing the right patio door can become tricky and hard. Here is a guide that you must consider when selecting your patio door.

Consider Space

The very first thing that you must check is the available space you have in your room where you plan to install your patio door. Take into account how much space you can use and then decide the style of your door. Some doors such as swinging and French doors require extra space to open, while some like sliding and pocket doors don't need additional space.

Consider Style

Some common styles or types of patio doors include swinging or hinged, French, sliding, folding, etc. Sliding doors are considered to be the best options for patios as they provide a clear view of the outdoors, provide a wider access, and look classy at the same time. Traditional homes still have swinging, French, or folding doors. Though these styles require extra space to swing open, they provide several customization options.

Consider Material

The patio door material plays an important role in deciding the durability, security, and appeal of your doors. Most homeowners consider having wooden doors as they are highly elegant and they look classic. But, wooden doors are difficult to maintain and expensive than other materials. On the other hand, vinyl and fiberglass materials can mimic the appearance of wooden doors with less maintenance. Both these materials are lightweight, durable, and weather- and rot-resistant. Another popular option is aluminum. Aluminum patio doors are treated with anti-corrosion chemicals to keep them effective for a long time.

Consider Glass

Glass panels are extremely important for your patio doors. From clear glass to decorative, flat surface to blinds, you can choose and customize your doors according to your preferences. Decorative glass like tinted, washed, or painted glass can provide security from the onlookers and increase the beauty of your house. While clear glasses are still the most preferred choices, always pick a low-E glass. This type of glass prevents the furniture and house elements from fading and keeps energy bills low throughout the year.

Some other features to consider while selecting the best patio doors are weatherstripping, door locks, color, future maintenance required, etc. If you find this task difficult, you can get in touch with our Edmonton door experts. Our experts have extensive experience in installing and repairing various types of patio doors. You can seek help from us when selecting the best patio door for your home.