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Which Patio Door Material Is The Best For Your Home?

November 14, 2023
GreenFox Windows

If you are planning to install patio doors, there are a number of things you must consider. From the types of patio doors, such as sliding or French doors, to the choice of glass, you must pay close attention to all the options available when choosing the right patio doors. But, the most important aspect to consider is the door frame material. Yes, there are quite a few options available for patio door frames as well. Look at the properties of some of the most popular materials to choose the best patio door material that can complement your house.

Wooden Patio Doors

Though wooden doors are the most commonly used ones, they are vulnerable to damages. The weather conditions can take a toll on the wooden doors and spoil the efficiency. Over the years, wooden doors can crack, warp, bend, split, or even decay. Not only this, these doors have to be repainted and refinished in order to retain the color, luster, and elegant appearance. In spite of all these drawbacks, homeowners prefer softwood and hardwood patio doors as they are highly rigid and strong and provide a classic, traditional look.

Steel Patio Doors

Steel patio doors are energy efficient doors as they provide good insulation from the weather. However, steel doors can become extremely hot or cold due to harsh weather conditions. These doors are less expensive but also less stylish than the wooden doors. But, these doors are sturdy and rigid and are free from warping, cracking, or decaying. Another problem with steel doors is that they can rust if they get scratched or dented.

Aluminum Patio Doors

Much like steel doors, aluminum patio doors also require less maintenance and are sturdy. In addition to these, aluminum doors are corrosion, rust, scratches, and decay resistant. These doors are lighter than the steel doors, which also means that they can get dented more easily.

Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl door is the most cost effective options. This energy efficient material doesn't warp, split, decay, or corrode, even in the most extreme conditions. But, extreme change in the temperature may result in cracks. Also, vinyl doors are not very rigid and sturdy and are flammable in some cases, depending on the quality. The best part about vinyl doors is that they can be customized to achieve the most stylish or a simple yet classy look in order to complement your patio area. Vinyl can also be used to mimic the appearance of wooden patio doors.

A patio door adds convenience, privacy, and safety to your house. Walking directly into this area can seem interesting, but not installing patio doors can put your home's safety at risk. Contact our Alberta door experts today and explain your expectations. Our team of professionals will help you in selecting and installing the best patio doors in the least time possible.