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GreenFox Windows & Doors is proud to supply and install beautiful, efficient, and quiet patio doors in Edmonton. With a variety of door styles available, each featuring its own unique combination of features, these products all offer performance, reliability, and beauty. Our doors are manufactured from durable vinyl that won’t rot, pit or blister even after extended periods, our patio doors offer proven performance while allowing you to enjoy gorgeous vistas and security. GreenFox provides Edmonton’s most durable patio doors that are sure to last a lifetime. Not only do our products make a beautiful addition to your home, but GreenFox’s patio doors also provide ultimate security so that your home stays protected.

If you’re in Edmonton and looking to upgrade or install patio doors in your home, contact us today!

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Which Patio doors are right for my Edmonton home?

Choosing the right Patio doors for your home depends on many factors. From your choice of style, glass type, grill size and colour, caming colour, or installation options, there are multiple variables that can determine which are right for you.

With a large array of combinations and customization options, GreenFox can help you choose the Patio doors that would fit best in your home.

What are the different types of Patio doors available?

GreenFox offers many different types of Patio doors and window combinations. Both our Novatech and Sunview Patio doors are available in specific models all with standard features and a multitude of customizable options. Configurations such as exterior and interior finish, sealing and performance, glass dimensions, design options, customizable hardware, additional security features, window glaze, frame configurations, and warranty options mean that whichever model you choose, GreenFox can tailor your product to your needs and specifications.

What are the best Patio doors for Edmonton climates?

For much of the year, the climate in Edmonton is cold and harsh, which makes selecting the right doors very important. The type of patio door you choose to install can determine if your home is cold as well. All Sunview Patio doors come with high-performance Low-E glass and Edgetech Super Spacer technology which enhances the thermal efficiency of your Patio door, keeping your home warm during the winter months cool in the summer.

If you are looking to further increase the energy efficiency of your Patio doors, the Sunview Kent Patio Door series offers triple-pane, 1 ⅜” Low-E argon options. Additionally, the Novatech 630 All PVC Patio Door acts as a great insulator and provides excellent energy efficiency.

How much does it cost to install new Patio doors?

The cost of new Patio doors along with the corresponding installation depends largely on the model you choose along with the customizable options you decide on including. Please feel free to contact GreenFox via phone or on our website to request a consultation from one of our experts.

With our help, we can help you determine the product that work best for you and the potential costs involved with purchasing and installation.

What are the different types of glass customizations available for GreenFox Patio doors?

Each of the Patio door models offered by GreenFox comes with a variety of options. Depending on the series you choose, the glass customizations can range dramatically.

While all Sunview Patio doors come with Low-E glass and Edgetech Super Space technology, the Kent series also offers triple glaze options. If you decide to purchase Sunview Patio Doors, some series provide you with additional aesthetic options such as colonial, prairie V-groove glass, or, in the case of the Newcastle series, optional decorative glass inserts like the wrought iron Venice design or the decorative bevels included in the Spectrum option. Alternatively, the Novatech 630 series offers customizable design options such as dividers, grills, top grills, and kick panels.All models have a variety of dimensional configurations such as two-pane, three-pane, or four-panel.

Which type of glass should I choose for my Patio doors?

Depending on what you are looking for in new Patio doors and what factors you value, the type of glass and the corresponding customization options you choose will vary greatly. If you are mostly concerned with energy efficiency and insulation, the Sunview Kent series or the Buckingham-Eco can provide excellent heat and cold resistance. If you are looking for more elegant and stylistic solutions, many of the other series have customizable options to tailor your new installation to your specifications.

Consult with one of our experts to determine which type of glass is best for you.

What are the customization options for Patio doors?

Each of our Patio door models come with a huge array of customizable options and configurations. These include optional hardware, optional security features, optional sidelites and transoms, frame options, glass options, hundreds of colour options, decorative grills, dimensional configurations, stylistic options, frame configurations, and many more.

Speak with a GreenFox representative to learn more about the customization options available for the Patio doors of your choice.